Youth Ministries


-  Partnering with Parents to Make Disciples  -



We exist to bring glory to God by making disciples who make disciples - a ministry of multiplication.



Our vision for Youth Ministries is to develop a community of young people who are experiencing the joy of a relationship with Jesus Christ, who recognize Christ’s purpose for their lives, and who seek to know Christ more.  We desire for our youth to make Him known to others while simultaneously building healthy friendships and experiencing meaningful fellowship.  In general, we desire our Youth Ministry to enhance what parents are doing at home, but not entirely replace it.

We seek to create...

...a student community where you feel safe to be you.
...a place where you are encouraged to connect with friends -- old and new.
...a place where students feel welcome and comfortable to explore what it means to know and follow Jesus.
...a place where you can join with Christ in building his church.



Paul Ginther: 419-348-8783 or