Adult Bible Fellowship


Adult Bible Fellowship is God-centered Sunday morning classes designed to teach the Word in order to establish the congregation's growth into fullness of maturity in Christ.

In ABF, disciple making is planned so that it occurs in age-appropriate ways. Often people of similar ages have similar concerns and challenges, whether child rearing, high school experiences, singleness, infirmity, cultural interests, etc. By the time our children graduate from high school we want to assure that they have been trained on an agreed set of biblical truths but we acknowledge that training level does not equate with spiritual growth, which is the work of God. For adults central to this objective is a strong Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF) that is focused on studying the Word of God.



  • College/20something MP Rm. 410
  • New Beginnings MP Rm. 411
  • Cornerstones MP Rm. 412
  • Salt Shakers Conf. Rm.
  • Koinonia Northview Bldg.
  • Seekers MP Rm. 501
  • Horizons FH Rm. 109
  • Living Ambassadors MP Rm. 401
  • Home Builders  FH Rm. 110
  • Foundations MP Main

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Sunday Schedule

Traditional Worship Service:
8:30 AM

Adult Bible Fellowship Hour:
9:45 AM

Children & Youth Sunday School:
9:45 AM

Contemporary Worship Service:
11:00 AM

Evening Programs - Cell Groups:
6:00 PM