Our Mission


St. John Mennonite Church is a community of believers striving to know Christ and to make Him known through word and deed. We do that through prayer, preaching the Word, being led by the Spirit, worship, discipleship, building oneness, loving our neighbor, and going out into all the world with the gospel. Those are the key words of our church mission and vision.

Each week we gather to worship Jesus and listen to His Word. 



Singing – Every service will include corporate singing to give joyful praise to Jesus. 

Offering – We believe God has called followers of Jesus to be generous with their money. So each week we take an offering. If you are our guest we hope you do not feel obligated to contribute.

Preaching – Though preaching, in modern secular society, may not be a popular idea, we believe God wrote a book, the Bible. We also believe He still speaks through it, and so we work to preach His Word with relevance every week.

Communion – Occasionally, as a “family tradition,” we participate in something called communion. We each eat a small piece of bread and drink a small cup of juice to remember Jesus’ death for us. We love doing this, but if you are not a follower of Jesus feel free to pass.



St. John Mennonite Church is east of Pandora on County Road 4, approximately 1.5 miles out of town. 


Sunday Schedule

Worship Services:
8:30 AM & 11:00 AM

Kids Worship:                   11:00 AM                              (1st, 2nd, & 3rd Sundays)               

Adult Bible Fellowship Hour:                                      9:45 AM

Children & Youth Sunday School:
9:45 AM